Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Latest Pakistani Fashion Trends

Latest Pakistani Fashion Trends
A preview of what's in and out  in Pakistani fashion. Also contains a description of the different styles and dresses.
What’s In:
  1. Anarkali – Anarkali dress is a long flared frock without chaaks.

  2. A-line – A-line kameez is narrow from top, flaring gently wider at the bottom. It has a wide daman.

  3. Paneled kameez – A paneled kameez is similar to anarkali dress but it has panels just below the bodice cut.

  4. Front Open Kameez – Front open kameez is just like a long open coat.

  5. Bodice Cut – When the upper part of kameez, just above the waist line, is separated from the bottom of the kameez.

  6. Pishwas/Peshwas – Pishwas is similar to anarkali kameez but it has bodice cut.

  7. Angarkha – Angarkha is a front open kameez with bodice cut.

  8. Flares

  9. Straight Loose Kurtas

  10. Bell Sleeves - Bell shaped sleeves that are narrow on the top and wider towards the cuff.

  11. Baggy Sleeves

  12. Full Churidar Sleeves

  13. Puffed Sleeves

  14. Big Cuff Sleeves

  15. Ajar - Ajars are baggy, straight pants.

  16. Loose pants

  17. Culottes

  18. Sharara – Sharara is a tradional two legged, loose Pakistani bridal dress.

  19. Lengha – Is just like a baggy skirt. It is amongst the most famous Pakistani bridal wear.

  20. Dhaka Pajama –  A Pakistani bridal dress that is tight from the thighs but loose below knees.

  21. Gharara – Is similar to a sharara.

  22. Churidar – It is a skin tight form of shalwar usually worn under an anarkali dress.

  23. Silk, Georgette, Chiffons

  24. Bright Colors

  25. Silk pippings

  26. Striking Contrasts
What’s Not:
  1. Patiala

  2. Short Kameez

  3. Short Sleeves

  4. Fitted kameez


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