Saturday, 8 September 2012

Eyelashes Growth in Urdu

Eyelashes Growth in Urdu

Beautiful EyelashesEyelashes Growth in Urdu: Eyelashes plays an important role in the beauty of eyes. If eyelashes are long and tapering then eyes look more attractive and charming. Lashes or eyelashes are actually the tiny group of hairs located on the tips of the eyelids. Their main function is to protect our eyes from foreign substances in the air. In addition, eyelashes also acts like an antenna that closes instantly when we feel there will be something close to the eyeball, so in this way these plays a role in protecting eyes from dust and other dangerous things. Bad treatment such as sleeping with mascara, rubbing the eyelids too hard will make eroded eyelashes. One of the most popular ways to grow eyelashes is by applying vitamins directly to your eyelashes. There are also eyelash growth serums available in the market to give you darker, longer, beautiful eyelasheswithin few days. If you want to grow and make your eyelashes beautiful then click on read more button to read eyelashes growth home remedies. You can share your tips at the end of this post in the comment box.

How to Grow Eyelashes Naturally


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