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How to apply eyeshadow in Urdu

How to apply eyeshadow in Urdu

Learn how to apply eyeshadow in Urdu.Tips on how to apply eyeshadow makeup & eyes make up foundation, eyeshadow application techniques,for looking beautiful.
Eye shadow is one of the most important parts of your makeup. By applying eye shadow in different colors and textures to obtain the best results, you not only need to choose the right eye shadow color, but also keep in mind your eyes shape. Choose your brushes according to the size of your eyelids; the larger the area you have to work on, the bigger your brushes will need to be. A good eye makeup always consists of two or three different shades. It is very crucial that these shades blend in a smooth way to achieve the look that you are aiming for. You should always apply a primer before applying eye shadow. This will make your eye makeup look a lot smoother and softer. Use a rounded applicator to apply your base color, and a pointed applicator for contouring shades. For blending you will need a thick springy flat brush for applying highlighter and for precise blending and a soft rounded brush for erasing demarcation lines by removing excess makeup. Here are some tips for eye makeup.
  • First apply eye shadow to highlight the eyelid, round the shading: Best suited for hooded eyes and older deep set eyes.
  • Apply a base shade on entire mobile lid then add more in the crease and blend upward, about halfway to the eyebrows.
  • Apply eye shadow to shade the eyelid and round the shading: Best suited for prominent lids and younger deep set eyes.
  • Apply base color on the upper eyelid. To avoid a clownish look, don’t bring it close to the nose or all the way up to the eyebrows.
  • Highlighter eye shadow across the eyelid, from the lash line to slightly beyond the crease, and all the way to the eyebrow.
  • Use highlight color in the area under the brow and in the inside corner of your eye.
  • Highlight eye shadow from lash line to brow. Medium shade eye shadow color on lid.

How to apply eyeshadow in Urdu:


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