Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Stylish Sherwanies

Stylish Sherwanies

Wedding is very special occasion for bride and groom. Every one want to look beautiful, so both want to select their wedding suits care fully, like brides.
Grooms in India and Pakistan made lot of preparations for the wedding day and ensure they look just the perfect. There is the trend of stylish sherwanies among desi grooms.Sherwani is the most popular dressing option for groom as it signifies style and elegance. It is believed that clothes and rituals are a vital part  wedding, so both the bride and the groom are dressed in gorge couples, but even the guests are dressed in their best clothes.
The coat fits close to the body, fastened in the front with buttons, and extends to slightly below knee-length. Sherwanis are usually embroidered with different patterns. Most of Pakistani and Indian grooms grooms wear them at their weddings.


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