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Summer Dresses 2011 Pictures

Summer Dresses 2011 Pictures

latest trends in the Pakistani fashion dresses. Summer season brings new fashion, as we see  somewhat new change in fashion. Pakistani fashion dresses are now becoming more popular in the world, many Pakistani dress designers work have been appreciated, and many successful exhibitions have won the hearts of peoples, because there lot of change can be seen. Women like to update their dresses according to the latest fashion wave.. This year we see a lot of fashion for years 60 and 70 by re-entering the market.
Anarkali Umbrella Frock Dress:
The dress was the famous dancer "Anarkali" named. It is usually with "pajamas churdar" which is a skin-tight pants, extra long and this season we also see the skin designed to be extra long sleeves is worn with this mode. In general, bright colors are used Anarkali coat and umbrella, is equipped with the size and hips, while the bottom is like a dress flared roof. This dress looks great on casual encounters.
Shirt A-Line:
A line of T-shirts are fashion in  Pakistan since last year, a line of T-shirts with big "daaman" feminine and attractive look, and they are more in fashion trends in Pakistan this year with Churidar Pajama .
Jochen Shirt:
Shirts with panels of various colors, prints and embroideries were also included in the Pakistani fashion dresses. The plates are used in a different style, some of the shoulder, another into a triangular shape and others in various styles. This trend can be used in various creative ways.
Straight-loose kurtas:
Fitted shirts are almost in the fashion scene this year in Pakistan. Stylish Kurtas loose "collar Shirwan" with one of the buttons are rounded and decent trends of the year. Bright colors are for the summer as a tea rose, blue summer sky, to give the yellow light, the kurta feel accepted in a cool summer. Churidar pajamas are even combined with them. Kaftan / Poncho Ponchos are also a part of the Pakistani fashion dresses this year. Caftan in bright and dark colors, with embroidery and hand printing, muslin and summer pet, is another elegant fashion trend of the year. This is likely to use another formal.
Pants: baggy pants are not yet gone out of fashion because of the extreme sympathy for women. And they will still be there in the Pakistani fashion dresses for summer 2011.
Neck, boat-shaped: This is another old-fashioned, which was reissued this year. Necks that less thorough, but longer in width than the boat-shaped and we see this trend on the rise in Pakistan fashion clothing this year. It seems graceful and elegant. Let's take a look at some of the trends that are not "in" Fashion Pakistan.
Patiala: Patiala shalwar disappeared completely from Pakistani fashion dresses. How long shirts in, from Patiala. Shirts short short T-shirts are not growing. Whether it is a kurta, or shirt Frock of the A-line lengths are what concerns us. Short Sleeves: Long sleeves are now IN churidaar and short sleeves, sleeves and half sleeves at least came out. Equipped kameez: Fitted shirts were replaced by loose robes and kurtas.


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