Wednesday, 12 September 2012

make up for round face Urdu

make up for round face Urdu

There are many tricks and tips for round makeup. If you want to have makeup for a round face, make it look slim and well defined properties. Faces can be round, square, oval or heart-shaped, but each of these forms has to get their own makeup technique. Round face shape lookes natural beautiful and energy of youth. If you have a beautiful round face, long but blessed for a long shape, you have options. First you will want to draw attention to the foundation emphasized that you pay in the region of end use.

You should also ensure that the areas above the cheeks, and highlight the area just below the eyes. It is also important to use dark makeup to the areas where it should be placed to improve.

1: If you have good eyebrows, have a nice shape and a decent amount of hair, you apply your mascara and gently wash them in the opposite direction of hair growth.

2: Apply the eyeliner from the outside of the eye, with a smooth sweeping motion and with the line, easy to make a little cat's eye.

3: To make your face appear slimmer, apply the brush just below the cheekbone and up into the temple. Do not go deeper than the virtual line at the bottom of the nose, and no further than the outer corner of eye.
4: Finally, for a creamy lipstick, lip gloss or soft gloss to a hub of neutral light to determine your look. You can enjoy lighter complexion light pink chiffon and peaches, while deeper complexion lush nudes and sheer plums are more flattering.


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