Saturday, 8 September 2012

Kamyab Shadi

Kamyab Shadi

Kamyab ShadiKamyab Shadi – Successful Marriage tips – Marriage is one of the top and most important duty of a human either man or woman. How could we make our marriage a successful one? Kamyab Shadi magar kaise? If you want to make your marriage successful then you have to give importance to your life partner. Marriage (shadi) is the most unique type of relationship Almighty Allah has created. It is believed to be the most enjoyable relation a human can have. But when in daily routine when we talk to our married friends, we feel as if the fun, the charm of this relation fades away after couple of years. People start taking their life partners very lightly. It lightens the feelings of love and affection which are supposed to be the keys of a happy and successful marriage. To enjoy any relation specially shadi, we need constant efforts. Here are some tips in urdu for successful marriage you can try to make your marriage an enjoyable experience. You please click on read more button to read kamyab shadi in urdu. Your comments and suggestions about successful marriage will highly be appreciated and added at this site. You can find more successful marriage tips in urdu in “shadi” section ofTips in Urdu.

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