Saturday, 8 September 2012

English to Urdu Dictionary

English to Urdu Dictionary

English to Urdu Dictionary OnlineEnglish to Urdu Dictionary: English is a globally known and spoken language. Everybody loves and tries to speak english. In Pakistan English is a compulsory subject. Now a days English starts as compulsory subject from the very beginning of nursery class. As our mother tongue is Urdu, so English is difficult for young kids and students as a compulsory subject. There are too many difficult words that student want to translate in urdu. For this purpose they use pocket or other kind of dictionary books. As this is the era of internet, so many students and also elder people who want to find urdu meanings of english words, connect to internet and search different terms to find best english to urdu dictionary. This is an easy way to find urdu meanings of english words. People search following terms on internet to find english to urdu dictionary: english to urdu dictionary, free english to urdu dictionary, online english to urdu dictionary, english to urdu meanings, english to urdu words meanings, dictionary english to urdu, english to urdu dictionary free download.I have found english to urdu dictionary for site visitors. This dictionary has more than 50000 words in its database and daily more words are being added to its database. Here is the Link for fee english to urdu dictionary:
English Urdu Dictionary


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